Legendary Items

From the dawn of history, man has shaped weapons and equipment with varying levels of skill. The land of Psegorcia is no different from the material world in this respect. Some of the known legendary items have been studied for ages and lost in time. Below are listed a few of the items that the locals have called out of legend and into rumor.

The Bards of ancient times spoke of a favored daggar that would dance when they greats would play. Unfortunately, the dagger also had a nasty habit of dancing across their throats when they played poorly. The Dagger of Eternal Harmony was so called because when not in battle, it produces a humming sound in harmony with the Master’s tune.

Fencers of ancient times often spoke of Ashrune, the legendary rapier crafted by Ignitra, the greatest swordswoman in the history of the land. Legend quoth that in the hands of a powerful magician, the sword can throw fire into an enemies’ soul. Believers claim that the sword is both made of and filled by fire.

Among the Ninja clan across the continent, many weapons are legendary. Including the mysterious nunchaku known only as Shufu. As is befitting the weapon of a ninja, these nunchaku seem to be able to change their appearance, as they have never been described. A single blow from these legendary sticks is rumored to be able to atomize a foe.

Barbarians call on the power of Shockyslice when they rumor of the legends. Believed to be able to call down the wrath of Zeus himself, adventurers have searched far and wide for this legendary ax. Though most have given up the search, other believe the ax is hidden among those known. Families share weapons through generations, so it may be possible that a family has passed down this weapon for hundreds of years without awakening its power.

Legendary Items

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