Kurai Vangarret

Occupation: Enchanter

Age: 512

Race: Elf

Known Class: ?

Kurai Vangarret emigrated to the city of Lake Dryntal from the Elven society surrounding Alu Lake.

He is a known associate of Nyxie Trickfoot.

A 500 year old elf, he still looks as spry and aware as he did when he set out on his adventures at the young age of 105 years old. Though he has attained both fame and fortune from his adventures, he is beginning to consider a slower-paced life, back home.

He is currently working as an Enchanter, though he has been called by many titles. He has been called the Mageblood, the Blessed, the Many-thumbs, and The Ruler of the Bright Three.

Kurai Vangarret

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