The Eye of Lake Dryntal

Day 5

Mialee's Journal

We wake up in the Tipsy Harper inn five days after teaming up. I quickly noticed a pretty new paper on the wall.

I’m hungry for fish yarrrrrrrrrrr. (If you haven’t noticed yet I’m mocking the stupid orc.) Ok enough of that.

After noticing the the paper on the walls were actually hundreds of flyers, my party decided to head to the town square. Once we arrived, we notice guards pushing people out of the crowd. After seeking information from a guard at the center of the fray, we were informed that Sudkryie blue water, the Mayor’s Daughter, was kidnapped. We seemed to pass some kind of preliminary inspection, because we were then escorted to a briefing room. A strange and powerful bard took interest in our party, and decided to accompany us on this mission.

Shortly after leaving the city (we were heading to a tower that the supposed kidnappers were known to frequent), mysterious orbs of light, later known to be Will ‘o’ the Wisps appeared before us. Someone made the terrible mistake of agitating them, and a battle ensued. Battle seems to do little for the orc except increase her hunger for fish.

We finally arrive at the tower where we believe Sudkryie to be located. Since ogre footprints were around around the Mayor’s home, we killed the first ogre we came across in this tower. For some reason, the new bard and Shatumal seemed to want to prevent us from fighting. This fight proved to be more taxing than we expected, so we secured the room and slept for the night.



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