The Eye of Lake Dryntal

Weapons have names?

I’ll get to that later, yar. We woke at the top of the tower, and Thalia found a note that said we were in danger, and had to be touching each other’s skin. Mialee spoke some fancy words…which poofed us to a room.

We then heard steps closing in on us, and talking, something about the first time someone was alive and stuff, and it turns out to be two people. One, Kurai Vangarret, starts greeting us and says he is friend of Nyxie. Shatumal gets a little on edge at that, but chills. Demon guy says we should kill Kurai, and turning us into flesh golems…or something…me dunno….all me know is Kurai say no. Demon guy and wizard talk to each other and then to us to direct us to go kill bugbears because there’s one bridge to his tower, and they’re forcing him to pay a toll. If we did this and a few other things….he’d let us in on a few “secrets.” So we go to bridge

Thalia pisses off one of the bugbear at the toll booth, and we engage in combat with twelve of em. Yar, it was an easy task, and we kill them all.

We then go with Kurai’s friend to kill 3 chimeras messing up nature around tower. We get there and find an invisible dome over a pile of twigs. The beasts attack, and I attack one, followed by the demon guy “petting” it, and it explodes thereafter. I attack another one, almost faint, but save meself with rage, and we kill the third. Blood guy gives us two potions…one for more power, and one for big big wounds. We find an egg in the twigs, and go back to Kurai, giving him the egg.

Kurai then sends us on a final task, which he comes with us on…to a cave billowing green smoke. We end up finding a green dragon, which everyone but me gets to attack. Blood guy and Kurai make Water Elementals come fight, Kurai protected us with an Ice Wall, and Thalia poofed onto other side of wall this all killed dragon. Me not ungrateful…me just wish for some action…but I guess a rest every now and then isn’t so bad.

Kurai then explains when we get back to his tower what he said he would when we began…he starts with Mialee’s rapier. He looks at it long time, and puts it to his ear, says,”it speaks to Kurai. Rapier has a name.” He tells Mialee the name, and she then attacks a practice dummy of Kurai’s that bursts into flames.

He then says that our weapons have names…and that Thalia has been ignoring her nunchucks. Kurai tells her the name of the nunchuks, and then she attacks the dummy, and it explodes with massive amounts of damage with every hit…and says he needs to talk to her later in private.

He then moves on to Shatumal’s dagger…tells him its name…and he then says it’s missing a few legs. When gnomey whistles the dagger begins to dance.

Lastly, he weirdly looks at me…don’t know what’s with people and looking at me like I’m some sort of sicko…me no mean to be. He then tells me my greataxe’s name, I shall strike fear in the hearts of my enemies with my powerful Shockyslice! When I attacked the dummy, a crashing lightning sound also occurred.

We stay in Kurai’s tower for some time, in rooms Kurai can only access, so blood guy doesn’t….yeah….me not gonna go there.


As we awoke, Nyxie spooked us by suddenly appearing. This made me suspicious but she gave the ninja girl a map that set us on the path to learning more about this mysterious Eye organization/religion/group. After fighting enemies on the way to some place on the map, we decide to make camp for the night.

We are awoken again by someone but it is someone that I did not recognize. Ninja girl and wizard girl freak out and explain the rest of us that it is the God of Elves, Correlan Loraithian. For once, the ninja did not know what to ask and something made me ask Correlan to translate that scroll that our party was unable to decipher. The scroll that we had recieved in the last tower read “Student of the Eye, welcome to the Tower of Sight. Within these walls, you will join the ranks of our society. Rise to power. Begin to live. The Iris watches over us all.” The translation only confirmed my suspicions that Nyxie could be part of the Eye and is watching our progress.

After traveling for a while, we came across a building that the ninja could see a door on but the rest of us could not. She disappeared and we did not see her reappear. After wandering around the building the wizard leaned against the building and apparently hit a hidden switch that revealed the door allowing us to enter. After wandering the building for a while, ninja girl contacted Correlan again and gave her a hint that secret societies normally hide from the Gods and I surmised that might mean that they build stuff underground. After finding this out we decided to make camp at the top of the nearest tower. What we will find in the depths of the tower will have to be found another day.

The Tower

We have been following these imbeciles for far too long. As long as they are alive, the Cornea may learn of their actions. Once they know, it’ll be my neck on the stone. Especially since the Tower was invaded. For his treachery, Derpderp must be sentenced to death. The Lens shall see to it tonight.

All Cattelya Walkeriana flowers must be plucked from the forest, we shall set the students about this task. If those…people survived the High Tide Death, then they may find The Eye watching them very closely.

Day 6-7 (Finish Tower and Market Place)
Thalia's Journal

My companions and I woke up in the tower, where we had killed the first ogre. As the Orc wiped saliva from her mouth she let out a loud “Good Morning!” which stirred up the rest of us who were still asleep. The Mage and the Bard got into an argument about why we had killed the ogre. As this went on I began to get a strange feeling from the mage’s general area.

While investigating the wall behind him, I found a button that revealed a secret door. Through the door was a corridor, and empty room, then another corridor. After that passage there was a room with another ogre in it. As we walked in, he swung at the orc and hit her pretty badly. I was able to get a quick attack on him following this attack. Immediately, I stepped into the ethereal plane to gain a vantage point. The Mage shocked this ogre fairly well, but was nearly knocked out for her troubles. The Bard started to sing a song, giving us strength and courage to fight on. The Orc and I finished off our foe and we rested for a while to make sure our party was ready for the next challenge.

While we rested, I decided to make some poisons out of flowers and some mushrooms that the Bard had given me. After doubling back to the first room of the tower, we decided to go across the room to the eastern door. In that room was a single orc with whom we tried to communicate, however its lack of intelligence made conversation tedious, so we left and let him be.

Back in the main room again, we turn north finding more corridors. After picking up a few gold we moved along to the next room. In this, the final room, were the three ogre leaders of the tower. As we fought them, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The Mayor’s Daughter was tied up behind them. I stepped into the ethereal plane again and used my sneak attacks to take out one of the bastards. The Orc charged right in and, with a few swings, took out the second ogre. However, this fight was not easy on her; the Bard had to heal her several times.

While this is happening the mage and I are fighting the last one. (Sometimes, when I see her faint so easily, I think this Mage is made of paper) I was able to gain a sneak advantage and took the last one out with a slice to the heel, bringing him down, followed by a slash to the jugular for the kill. After looting our enemies and the room, and after the Bard soothed the daughter, we left back for town. After returning the daughter to the town guards we were brought back to the briefing room. About an hour later, a nobleman walked in, expressing his deepest gratitude for saving the mayor’s daughter. Inquiring about our reward we were each given 1000 gold and informed of how much the town appreciated our deeds.

After collecting our rewards, we sought out a Healer because our party was still pretty banged up from the tower. As the Mage and the Orc were getting healed, the Bard returned to the inn and I took a trip around the city on the search for more efficient gear. My first stop was to a nearby blacksmith to sharpen my kamas. I handed him my blades, and after asking about specific weapons I missed, he informed me of a specialist that was just outside of town, who may have them or could make them. Since he informed me that my blades would not be done for another hour I decided to make the trip to see this specialist. Arriving there and finding that there were no Windmill Shurikins, I was heartily disappointed. However, the specialist informed me that some couple me manufactured, through they would take a week. I ordered some and look forward to using my first blades again.

Returning to the blacksmith for my kamas, I decided to look into getting new armor. After discussing it with the shop keep, I decided to get an armor set that was actually made of cloth. It was solid black with golden thread. I could tell when put it on that this armor, even though it was made out cloth, that it would prove very effective in battle, maing it well worth Half my gold. After acquiring this new armor, I stopped off at a jeweler to sell some of the gems I found in the tower. Doing this almost put me at even which was good because I’m not sure how much the Windmill Shuriken will cost.

I returned to the healer to pick up my companions and go along with them to get what they need in town. We went to the same armory and the Mage picked out a new set of leather armor and the Orc put her armor in for gleaming, which will also take about a week. After this, we took a trip to the blacksmith so that the Orc could have her axe sharpened. Once all of our shopping was done, we retired to the inn for the night, with tomorrow’s mission in the center of the mind’s eye.

We arose the next day and proceeded down stairs in search for our next quest. The bard and I spotted the Heironeous priestess. After catching up with the Bard, she reveals to us that there is a tower which appeared overnight, baffling the town. We decide to go to the tower and investigate what could be behind this.

Just outside the tower, the Orc and I were struck by an unseen force. After carefully examining the area, I spotted the enemy, which turned out to be a vasthaunt. After a few good swings between the Orc, the Mage, and myself, the phantom went down. Following the defeat of the first, I spotted another trying to throw my shuriken at it, but I missed. The Mage cast a Light spell on my fallen shuriken, and our foe became visible. The Orc charged in immediately, finishing him with ease.

After the battle, we decide to retreat into the woods for the night; to rest and prepare for what comes tomorrow in this mysterious new tower.

Day 5
Mialee's Journal

We wake up in the Tipsy Harper inn five days after teaming up. I quickly noticed a pretty new paper on the wall.

I’m hungry for fish yarrrrrrrrrrr. (If you haven’t noticed yet I’m mocking the stupid orc.) Ok enough of that.

After noticing the the paper on the walls were actually hundreds of flyers, my party decided to head to the town square. Once we arrived, we notice guards pushing people out of the crowd. After seeking information from a guard at the center of the fray, we were informed that Sudkryie blue water, the Mayor’s Daughter, was kidnapped. We seemed to pass some kind of preliminary inspection, because we were then escorted to a briefing room. A strange and powerful bard took interest in our party, and decided to accompany us on this mission.

Shortly after leaving the city (we were heading to a tower that the supposed kidnappers were known to frequent), mysterious orbs of light, later known to be Will ‘o’ the Wisps appeared before us. Someone made the terrible mistake of agitating them, and a battle ensued. Battle seems to do little for the orc except increase her hunger for fish.

We finally arrive at the tower where we believe Sudkryie to be located. Since ogre footprints were around around the Mayor’s home, we killed the first ogre we came across in this tower. For some reason, the new bard and Shatumal seemed to want to prevent us from fighting. This fight proved to be more taxing than we expected, so we secured the room and slept for the night.

Day 4
Ravaaga's Journal

Day 4

Wake up in Tipsy Harper Inn, see annoying gnome go downstairs and returns with nothing. Eat morning fish; magic girl and shadow girl go ask people about old legends of the city. We move on to the Red Dog Inn, one of the places suggested by person, besides White Snake Tavern. I continue eating my fish, shadow girl talks to older gentleman. Older gentleman story: Lake Dryntal was founded 400 years ago, started with rich tower, as a post for Psegorca. We ask wizards in southwestern part of town, and I give the magic girl my leftover fish.

Shadow girl goes to ask innkeeper for info, and she’s overheard by stranger. Stranger says he can help if we prove ourselves. We had to retrieve shiny symbol for Heironeous that looked like a bronze & silver lightning bolt that was stolen two weeks ago. It was possibly at one of 3 praying places, in north, west, and south parts of town.

Gnome, not so annoying now, come with Ravaaga to south praying place for Fahrlaghn, apparently gnome guy’s god, and we find nothing. Shadow and magic girls go to god of gnomes’ shrine in west, they bring me back half plate armor, and we go to north shrine together. I offer shadow girl fish for the armor, but she didn’t want any, (sad)yar. Guess she wasn’t hungry . . . ah well, me get better armor. Haha.

Shadow girl continues onward towards the shrine and finds a fake panel. We find shiny symbol! People look at us when we have symbol. Shadow girl doesn’t like it, so she gives it to gnome. I carry gnome on me shoulder and we are pelted with gold as we go back to the wizard inn with the shadow and magic guy. From there we go to Heironeous’ church, and get paid. We then told that Lake Dryntal is a city of secrets. We are then given two more tasks: one in a jungle around the city, and one in a wizard’s tomb, and I learn what ark-ee-olo-jist is.

Shadow girl says we go to tomb first. Once we enter tomb, the big water in center of room becomes a fountain, by itself. Shadow girl finds down-stairs. Flames pop up once we enter the room, and gnomey and I head towards the coffin in between the flames. I open the tomb, and see a dead body. Shadow girl sees dead-but-not-deads, and we fight them. Shadow girl kills one, and I knock the other one out but it comes back to life, Magic girl knocks it out again, and I kill it, yar! yar! yar! Back into first room, fountain is gone! But there is food! Magic girl finds stairs into big bedroom. Shadow girl finds a heavy mace and gives it to me. Gnome explores the bookshelf, and finds spellbook of Kamal Hakam. Magic girl explores bookshelf and finds songbook by same guy, so they switch books with each other.

We go back to the first room the fountain is back! Gnome finds a ladder, and we go up it. We end up in an empty corridor, shadow and magic girl find lever, shadow girl pulls it, and glow-y ring appears. It said, “ye all who enter here step inside the light to reach peace.” We all go into it and end up outside.

We return to town to get paid again and do the jungle quest. We had to look for a catalaya orcharaya (a really fancy light purple orchid). We go through the north gate into jungle and find an orchid field. We then face 3 giant cockroaches (apparently called enkegs), where the gnome stays in the background to inspire. I kill the first enkeg, yar, shadow guy kills the second, and I kill the last one, yaryar. We continue on, and find more flowers, and the magic guy finds the flower we’re looking for and we run into another encounter with metal beasts. Magic guy kills one, gnome stays behind as support again, and I kill the other one, yar. We head back to town and face two gutter-snipes…gunner-snipes? Yar, I don’t know anymore, this all new to me, as is this writing thing I learned how to do. They were plant-like beasts made of rope, and we kill both after I go into a blind fury, for no reason mind you, other than to help me friends, nearly knocking shadow guy into the next realm, and then we go into town after I let out a loud RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Days 1-3
Shatumal's journal

Day 1

This morning, I received a third written message. Since my home is cloaked in secrecy, I am surprised that someone was able to find it not once, but three times. Seeking answers behind this parchment, I set out for the nearby town of Mahalle.

In Mahalle, I arrived at the Copper Cauldron tavern, intending to practice my pipes while seeking information. Apparently, some of the patrons did not enjoy my practice, because a rogue threw a dagger into my shoulder.

Following the mysterious removal of the dagger, I decided to follow others who spoke to this rogue before leaving. Shortly after leaving the tavern, I was joined by a clever-seeming halfling and a quite-the-opposite orc seeking fish. After telling the orc that no, I did not have any fish, I was kicked through the air, and when I landed, I had caught up to some of those I had noticed speaking with the tavern-rogue back at the Copper Cauldron. Somehow, we all decided to continue on our journey, as a group.

That evening, we began to seek out a camping place for the evening. We cam across a dilapidated but occupied building. A strange woman came outside to greet us, insisting that we come in for dinner. Oddly enough, she knew that I was a vegetarian and prepared a garden salad for myself, but gave my fellow travelers an unusual smelling stew.

Following dinner, we all became extremely drowsy, excepting the little halfling that I met first. She decided to forgo dinner and gave her portion to the Orc. During the night, I was startled awake by a scream. The strange man who lived in this home was crouched over the wizard in the dark. As we rushed to defend our party member, I was near useless in battle. I was however able to create enough distractions and prestidigitation that the foolish orc in our party awoke. However, that is where my fortune ended. She threw me through the wall.

We slaughtered the family that had drugged us, then set traps to protect us during the night. The rogue that was at the Copper Cauldron met us in the morning, informing us that our silvery-skinned yellow-eyed attackers were Dopplegangers. She also instructed us to burn the bodies to prevent being followed.

Day 2.

Somehow, the day after joining with these characters, I woke up in a recessed portion of the ground with my party members staring at a growing bubble in the earth. It sees I am wearing out my use, since I was unable to land any attacks on the Earth Elemental whom emerged from the bubble. However, my mates were inspired by my music, and were able to vanquish the horrid beast.

I think I will seek a bow or some other weapon when we arrive in town. That illustrious rogue who pointed us on our way, Nyxie Trickfoot showed up again after the earth returned to its normal shape. She agreed to escort us to Lake Dryntal, and the rest of the day passed uneventfully.

Day 3

We have arrived in the great city of Lake Dryntal, where we have elected to stay in the Tipsy Harper Inn. Hopefully we will learn enough from locals to determine our next step.

Welcome to the Campaign
Getting set up

We will be utilizing this site to maintain knowledge of the world that is created in our gameing sessions.

Each week, we will have a different person write a post to describe what happened that week, and it would be fun if written in character!

We can also keep track of experience, relationships with NPCs, places visited, notable people, etc. on this site! This isn’t something that will necessarily be used during gameplay, but it will be used for the in-between time.


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