The Eye of Lake Dryntal

Weapons have names?

I’ll get to that later, yar. We woke at the top of the tower, and Thalia found a note that said we were in danger, and had to be touching each other’s skin. Mialee spoke some fancy words…which poofed us to a room.

We then heard steps closing in on us, and talking, something about the first time someone was alive and stuff, and it turns out to be two people. One, Kurai Vangarret, starts greeting us and says he is friend of Nyxie. Shatumal gets a little on edge at that, but chills. Demon guy says we should kill Kurai, and turning us into flesh golems…or something…me dunno….all me know is Kurai say no. Demon guy and wizard talk to each other and then to us to direct us to go kill bugbears because there’s one bridge to his tower, and they’re forcing him to pay a toll. If we did this and a few other things….he’d let us in on a few “secrets.” So we go to bridge

Thalia pisses off one of the bugbear at the toll booth, and we engage in combat with twelve of em. Yar, it was an easy task, and we kill them all.

We then go with Kurai’s friend to kill 3 chimeras messing up nature around tower. We get there and find an invisible dome over a pile of twigs. The beasts attack, and I attack one, followed by the demon guy “petting” it, and it explodes thereafter. I attack another one, almost faint, but save meself with rage, and we kill the third. Blood guy gives us two potions…one for more power, and one for big big wounds. We find an egg in the twigs, and go back to Kurai, giving him the egg.

Kurai then sends us on a final task, which he comes with us on…to a cave billowing green smoke. We end up finding a green dragon, which everyone but me gets to attack. Blood guy and Kurai make Water Elementals come fight, Kurai protected us with an Ice Wall, and Thalia poofed onto other side of wall this all killed dragon. Me not ungrateful…me just wish for some action…but I guess a rest every now and then isn’t so bad.

Kurai then explains when we get back to his tower what he said he would when we began…he starts with Mialee’s rapier. He looks at it long time, and puts it to his ear, says,”it speaks to Kurai. Rapier has a name.” He tells Mialee the name, and she then attacks a practice dummy of Kurai’s that bursts into flames.

He then says that our weapons have names…and that Thalia has been ignoring her nunchucks. Kurai tells her the name of the nunchuks, and then she attacks the dummy, and it explodes with massive amounts of damage with every hit…and says he needs to talk to her later in private.

He then moves on to Shatumal’s dagger…tells him its name…and he then says it’s missing a few legs. When gnomey whistles the dagger begins to dance.

Lastly, he weirdly looks at me…don’t know what’s with people and looking at me like I’m some sort of sicko…me no mean to be. He then tells me my greataxe’s name, I shall strike fear in the hearts of my enemies with my powerful Shockyslice! When I attacked the dummy, a crashing lightning sound also occurred.

We stay in Kurai’s tower for some time, in rooms Kurai can only access, so blood guy doesn’t….yeah….me not gonna go there.



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