The Eye of Lake Dryntal

Days 1-3

Shatumal's journal

Day 1

This morning, I received a third written message. Since my home is cloaked in secrecy, I am surprised that someone was able to find it not once, but three times. Seeking answers behind this parchment, I set out for the nearby town of Mahalle.

In Mahalle, I arrived at the Copper Cauldron tavern, intending to practice my pipes while seeking information. Apparently, some of the patrons did not enjoy my practice, because a rogue threw a dagger into my shoulder.

Following the mysterious removal of the dagger, I decided to follow others who spoke to this rogue before leaving. Shortly after leaving the tavern, I was joined by a clever-seeming halfling and a quite-the-opposite orc seeking fish. After telling the orc that no, I did not have any fish, I was kicked through the air, and when I landed, I had caught up to some of those I had noticed speaking with the tavern-rogue back at the Copper Cauldron. Somehow, we all decided to continue on our journey, as a group.

That evening, we began to seek out a camping place for the evening. We cam across a dilapidated but occupied building. A strange woman came outside to greet us, insisting that we come in for dinner. Oddly enough, she knew that I was a vegetarian and prepared a garden salad for myself, but gave my fellow travelers an unusual smelling stew.

Following dinner, we all became extremely drowsy, excepting the little halfling that I met first. She decided to forgo dinner and gave her portion to the Orc. During the night, I was startled awake by a scream. The strange man who lived in this home was crouched over the wizard in the dark. As we rushed to defend our party member, I was near useless in battle. I was however able to create enough distractions and prestidigitation that the foolish orc in our party awoke. However, that is where my fortune ended. She threw me through the wall.

We slaughtered the family that had drugged us, then set traps to protect us during the night. The rogue that was at the Copper Cauldron met us in the morning, informing us that our silvery-skinned yellow-eyed attackers were Dopplegangers. She also instructed us to burn the bodies to prevent being followed.

Day 2.

Somehow, the day after joining with these characters, I woke up in a recessed portion of the ground with my party members staring at a growing bubble in the earth. It sees I am wearing out my use, since I was unable to land any attacks on the Earth Elemental whom emerged from the bubble. However, my mates were inspired by my music, and were able to vanquish the horrid beast.

I think I will seek a bow or some other weapon when we arrive in town. That illustrious rogue who pointed us on our way, Nyxie Trickfoot showed up again after the earth returned to its normal shape. She agreed to escort us to Lake Dryntal, and the rest of the day passed uneventfully.

Day 3

We have arrived in the great city of Lake Dryntal, where we have elected to stay in the Tipsy Harper Inn. Hopefully we will learn enough from locals to determine our next step.



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